Soft Strip & Hand Demolition

Soft Strip Demolition – Rip out Demolition – Strip Out Demolition – De-Construction

Working alongside main contractors, planning consultants and major UK developers, and benefiting from our in house highly skilled work force, ARD offers a quality soft stip demolition service, providing a comprehensive solution. ARD can provide stand-alone projects but are often preparatory works which either form part of a major refurbishment programme including façade retention projects or are carried out prior to actual demolition works. Strip outdemoltion works usually involve the removal of fixtures and fittings from structures such as the removal of floors, ceilings, doors, windows, kitchens and bathrooms, lighting cables, all plumbing fittings including heating and ventilation units. ARD’s ability to undertake these works is essential to the overall project and with ARD’s unrivalled performance it enables us to efficiently and effectively deliver projects safely and on time.

The Environmental sustainability of waste derived from the process of the Rip out demolition / soft strip demolition works is taken very seriously at ARD and as per our commitment to our ISO14001 Environmental accreditation and our license granted by the Environments agency  we are committed to ensuring that we comply In accordance with good environmental practice and in line with current legislation, construction waste is segregated and recycled, whilst hazardous materials are disposed of under controlled conditions. Site- Specific Waste Management Plans (SWMP) are prepared, providing detailed documentation for disposal of construction waste on major projects.

ARD prides itself on its expertise and proven ability to carry out De-Construction and Enabling works in the most sensitive of environments and in the most challenging of situations, often working around live conditions but at all times maintaining sensitivity to our clients needs We are recognised as being more than a traditional demolition company but as having the skills to decommission the most demanding elements of any projects.