Mould & Fungi

Mould & Fungi are known to destroy building materials and cause health problems for many individuals.


The primary objective for ARD’ mould remediation team  is to safely & quickly remove the contamination and mould damaged materials using  industry leading methods that protect occupants by controlling the spread of mould and return them back to an acceptable level of cleanliness in the quickest time possible to cause the minimal amount of  disruption to the occupants.


ARD’ mould surveyors will undertake the inspection, surveying and sampling of mould contamination, they  then qualify and quantify the surface area contamination and the air quality in relation to mould within the indoor environment.


The overall inspection process/survey will allow us to collaborate all the information and to safely eradicate the proble.


Mould is classed as a category one risk to health, as assessed under the Housing Health and Safety Rating System 2004.This is the same class as asbestos


The Environmental Protection Act (1990) defines mould as a statutory nuisance that must be treated

Mould  & Fungi growth within the indoor environment has long been linked with poor health and property damage, and is therefore the most significant ‘bio-pollutant’ to be found within the indoor environment.


Mould  & Fungi can exist and grow under such  varieties  of conditions they  feed off different substrates, mould growth and contamination poses a significant risk to human health, well being and property damage.