MMMF man made mineral wools can be found in commercial, industrial and domestic properties in locations such as boiler rooms, plant rooms, ducts, voids and above ceiling as pipe insulation, lagging etc….

ARD will undertake the removal and where required replacement of the MMF under a strict controlled area of operations using a combination of industry leading control measures such as:

  • Fibre suppression
  • Filtered air extraction
  • High efficiency particle arresting air displacement units
  • LEV
  • Fully sealed enclosures

MMMF exhibits  strong resistance to heat, chemicals & is an excellent acoustic insulator, flexible enough to be woven. MMMF is therefore widely used in thermal and acoustic insulation of buildings and process plant and as structural fire protection.

COSHH Regulations apply to all forms of MMMF.   An exposure level has been set; inhalation exposure to MMMF should always be reduced to a level as low as is reasonably practicable and, in any event, the exposure level should not be exceeded.  Insulation, construction and removal activities can create relatively high levels which may exceed the limits if suitable precautions are not taken.  ARD can advise on surveying for and removing MMMF where appropriate under controlled conditions.