Industrial Dismantling

Industrial Dismantling Services

Deconstruction or dismantling of an industrial site is sometimes preferable to just demolishing it. Certain machinery or steel (metal) structures require specialized dismantling & re-erection services as the ones our company provides.

Our industrial recovery and recycling services offer our clients a business budget friendly solution by encouraging you to monetize on your dismantling / recycling projects, dismantled heavy equipment, dismantled steel structures, tank removals, plant or factory dismantling, transportation of metal structures.

ARD’s specialists  team will undertake the separation, sorting and hauling of any scrap metal materials from the your site. ARD are prepared to recover ferrous and nonferrous metals from a wide range of demolition and dismantling projects, including tank removals, pipe runs, bridges, industrial facilities and more, ARD can re- erect the dismantled structure.

ARD are focused on job safety and high quality of performed work. We are prepared to meet your dismantling and recycling needs with our specialized workforce, our fleet of trucks and containers, plus all the heavy equipment needed - as cranes, bobcats, manlifts and more.

We frequently perform highly challenging projects, where we minimize the impact on the environment while maximizing the cash value of recovered scrap materials and are currently involved with projects in the UK, Ireland & South America with some of the world’s most prestigious companies.