Asbestos Removal

ARD industrial services are recognised and respected as a pioneer within the asbestos removal industry.

The asbestos industry now operates at the high end as a sophisticated safety and process-driven contract discipline.
ARD apply the most effective techniques for asbestos removal, supported by detailed method statements designed to ensure best practice at all times.
We offer an experienced labour force, supported by a well maintained plant portfolio.

This ability has enabled ARD to undertake a wide range of projects that are increasingly sophisticated in nature, requiring the delivery of consultancy and project management as well as traditional contracting and manual services.

All ARD’s projects are managed safely within all current industry legislation & approved codes of practice and Health & Safety Executives guidance notes. Continuous un announced site and office audits ensure our quality control procedures are maintained by both internally and by external independent organisations.

ARD’s quality assurance is recognised through the number of long term clients who we continue to assist and undertake asbestos related services for nationwide. These range from the Public Sector, private sector clients, Demolition & most of the major contractors in the UK currently trading.

ARD’s approach to all asbestos removal is planned to cause the minimal amount of inconvenience to our clients and others working around us.

Projects are undertaken nationally and most recently expanding into Europe, the majority of which are in complex, challenging, sensitive environments.

This has included working on buildings & structures of architectural interest, in chemical sites and around toxic substances, mills, industrial sites & works at height, where asbestos use has been extensively used for its thermal, acoustic & chemical resistant properties, and may pose additional risks due to its poor condition.

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